Posted in July 2012

Foodie Pen Pal

Hi Everyone! I’m happy to be posting today. I had a great weekend update planned for yesterday, but I ended up with a nasty migraine and didn’t even go to work. Migraines are the worst. I used to get them very often while I was working at my previous job- I think they were all … Continue reading

Friday Off

Happy Friday!!! Today is my “off” Friday from work. Teeny actually let me sleep in until 7 this morning, so that was nice. I was really hoping for 8, but oh well. :) My original plan for today was to hit up the beach, but Mother Nature did not let that happen. It’s cloudy and … Continue reading

Summer Lentil Salad

I’ve been really in the mood to cook and bake lately, so I decided to make up some kind of new dish. Earlier in the week I started looking through my cabinets to get my creative juices flowing. I found the black lentils in my cabinet that I used for my Curried Sweet Potato Lentil … Continue reading

Feelin the Love

Hola Everyone! You know, I’m getting so used to blogging regularly that I feel totally out of whack when I miss a weekday post. I really am loving blogging and getting to chat with new people and explore new blogs. And, it’s nice to know there are a few people (maybe?) that enjoy reading my … Continue reading

Slackin’ in Boston

Welcome to Friday! Did you survive the week? This one seemed really long for some reason. Hmph. Well I have some cool fitness news. Last December, my roommate and I bought a Living Social Deal to a fitness studio near us that offers a program called Total Body Shaping. The class description from the website: … Continue reading

“Ted” Movie Review

You need to go see this movie. Ted was so funny and totally entertaining for the entire film. It’s actually one of those great films that mixes comedy, romance, feel-goodness (I think I made this word up), raunchiness and suspense. How did that all happen in a movie about a guy and his living teddy … Continue reading

A Night to Myself: Instagram Style

Good morning. How’s everyone doing out there today? I have a really busy day ahead of me, but it should be a good one. I started off the morning at 5 am and went out for a two mile run. The weather was cool, but already really humid. I’m glad I got the run over … Continue reading

I PR’d!

Did my title trick you? I did not in fact PR because it was my first time running 4 miles, so there was nothing to compare my race too. LOL Just thought I’d see if you were awake on this Monday morning :) Race On Saturday I posted quickly about my race, but I thought … Continue reading

Quick Run Update

Hi Everyone! Here’s just a few quick photos from my race last night. I’m off to the beach in a few minutes, so I’ll have the complete recap on Monday :) I had such a great time last night! Before the race, modeling my awesome race tee! And we’re off to run through Historic Downtown … Continue reading

The Big Day

Helloooooo Friday! It’s finally here! The work week after vacation is always so looooooong. I didn’t think Friday would ever get here. And now that it’s Friday, you all know what that means…my race! Tonight is the Miles Over the Moon 4 Miler in Salem, MA. It is Friday the 13th, but hopefully it’s not … Continue reading